The times? Well, for all that they change, you can bet that a few things aren't all that different.

Take people trying to rip you off. Scammers.


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GOP Gov. Matt Bevin and outgoing Attorney Gen. Andy Beshear, his Democratic challenger, debated for an hour in Paducah today.

But the fundamental difference between the candidates boiled down to a 30-second exchange: 

Beshear: "I know a teacher that right now is driving an Uber after work to make ends meet and because she's worried that this governor is going to cut her retirement. That is wrong."

Click here to view a UA video in which Bill Froehle says he supports Andy Beshear on expanding gaming and making medical marijuana legal in Kentucky.  

Click here to see a UA video featuring Kyle Henderson explaining why he's backing the Andy Beshear-Jacqueline Coleman ticket. Henderson is business manager of Paducah Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 184, president of the West Kentucky Building and Construction Trade Council, AFL-CIO, and president of the Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council.

The Kentucky Democratic Party is sharing video and photos on social media of Matt Bevin boarding a taxpayer-funded state plane to fly to today's debate in Paducah. This comes as Matt Bevin has been under fire for refusing to tell Kentuckians how he uses the state plane for personal and political purposes, even telling taxpayers it's "none of their business." 

Taxpayer-Funded State Plane Set to Fly to Paducah Ahead of Today’s Gubernatorial Debate 


Frankfort, Ky. - The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Matt Bevin to explain why a taxpayer-funded state jet was flown to West Virginia and New Jersey yesterday.  According to public flight tracking, a state-owned jet flew from Kentucky to West Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday before returning back to Kentucky.

Heading into today’s debate in Paducah, the future of public schools in Kentucky remains front and center of the race for governor, as Andy Beshear just unveiled a major new plan to prioritize public education: 


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The latest Morning Consult Poll ranks Matt Bevin the worst of the worst among governors in terms of popularity.

The survey, which came out in July, found that just 32 percent of Kentuckians think he's doing a good job as governor. Fifty-six percent think he's not.