AFT Local 1360

Ben Self wants some union assistance with his new job.

"One of the really important things we're doing right now is candidate recruitment," the Kentucky Democratic party chair told the Kentucky State AFL-CIO's recent Executive Board meeting. "That's something where you all can be a real help."


AFT Local 1360

Richard Becker is no stranger at Kentucky State AFL-CIO Executive Board gatherings.

"But today was my first time attending as a candidate!" he posted on his Facebook page. Becker, an SEIU-NCFO organizer, spoke briefly at the recent E-board meeting in Frankfort.

Becker is running in the May 22 Democratic primary, hoping to succeed Democratic state Rep. Jim Wayne in Louisville's 35th District.    

Paducah-based Laborers Local 1214 is seeking financial help for the children of Josh Shimkus, a member of the local who was fatally injured at the TVA Shawnee Power Plant near the city.

"He was hurt on the job on Sunday night and passed away on Monday night," wrote Local 1214 Business Manager Perry Blades in a letter.  "Josh was a member in good standing and will be greatly missed."  

EDITOR'S NOTE: We thank Todd Johnson of Owensboro for sending us this. His uncle, Rep. Louis Johnson, D-Owensboro, is on the alphabetized list. Johnson, who died Tuesday at age 80, had a 100 percent pro-labor voting record, according to his nephew.


By Jason Bailey

Kentucky Center for Economic Progress

Warren County, Kentucky passed a local right to work ordinance in December 2014. At the time, proponents argued the policy would result in dramatic economic improvements in the local economy. To date, there is not strong evidence that such improvements have occurred.

No Accelerated Drop in Unemployment Rate


Even though Rep. Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, resigned as speaker of the House of Representatives on Nov. 5in front of television cameras the state Constitution may have a different view of his ability to resign outside of a session, and according to some members of the the General Assembly Rep. Hoover is still speaker.


The Post reports:

Republicans, confident they’ve found the votes to pass a massive tax overhaul, entered the next phase of their effort Sunday, attempting to sell the plan to a public that polling suggests is deeply skeptical.


AFT Local 1360

Janus was a Roman god with two faces, each looking in the opposite direction.

"Janus-faced" means two-faced, or deceitful. It aptly describes the Trump administration and the other big-time, union-busting backers of the plaintiff in Janus v AFSCME Council 31.