It revealed the folly of the president’s approach to politics.

What a debacle President Trump’s shutdown proved to be — what a toddler’s pageant of foot-stomping and incompetence, of vainglory and self-defeat. Mr. Trump tormented public servants and citizens and wounded the country, and, in conceding on Friday after holding the government hostage for 35 days, could claim to have achieved nothing.


Something funny happened on the way to the labor movement’s funeral.


WASHINGTON – To be honest, I would rather have my teeth drilled with a jackhammer than write about a bunch of smart-mouthed CovCath kids who apparently are unfamiliar with the concept of “best to leave well enough alone.’’ 

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin announced Friday afternoon that state Sen. Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, will be his lieutenant governor running mate as he seeks re-election in 2019, putting an end to speculation about his political plans.

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By Con Carbon, Minstrel of the Mine Patch

WASHINGTON – American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. today issued the following statement:

“For 35 days and counting, 800,000 federal employees have been locked out of their jobs or forced to work without pay due to an entirely deliberate government shutdown. The agreement reached by the White House and Congress would re-open the government for three weeks, allowing employees to start receiving paychecks for the first time this year.


Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY— On Thursday, Matt Bevin dismissed the struggle of more than 6,000 Kentuckians affected by the government shutdown in a radio interview with WKDZ in Cadiz, Ky.