STATEMENT FROM BILL LONDRIGAN, KENTUCKY STATE AFL-CIO PRESIDENT: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO and workers across the Commonwealth applaud Governor Beshear’s veto of HB 475: a bill that would tie the hands of the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program to pass regulations that protect the safety and health of all workers.
Although 97.2% of Kentucky’s regulations are the same as federal regulations, those 14 varying regulations provide a higher level of safety protections for Kentucky workers; which were implemented


AFT Local 1360

“The more I hear Rand Paul talk about the coronavirus, the more I’m convinced his medical degree is written in crayon,” the Louisville Courier-Journal's Joseph Gerth wrote of Kentucky’s junior U.S. senator.

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services: 3 new sites (2 Louisville, 1 Gilbertsville) were announced this week. Appointment sign-ups begin March 31 for Cardinal Stadium in Louisville and March 24 for KY Dam Village Convention Center in Gilbertsville. As of March 22, all persons 50+ are eligible. Persons in Phase 1a, 1b, and 1c remain eligible. Visit and click on the gold vaccine bar, or call toll-free 855-598-2246, for more info or to schedule appointments.


Lately, some Republicans have been warning of “call-out culture,” as they are worried about being called out for both their words and their actions.

The thing is, they’ve been practicing doing “hair on fire” callouts for years. So let’s take a moment to remember all their false accusations in the past, and call THEM out on them.

Just in the past year, Republicans have called out the following:

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