EDITOR'S NOTE: Known as the Asche Building when it housed the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, the 1901-vintage structure survives as New York University's Brown Building.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The three major Democratic candidates for Kentucky Governor will debate on WDRB News ahead of the May 21 primaries.


AFT Local 1360

It looks like Sen. Mitch McConnell might have a touch of Trumpitis. 

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EDITOR'S NOTE: “At some point along the way, Mitch McConnell decided that his own longevity in Washington trumped all — that he would even be willing to feed the public disillusionment with its elected leaders if it would increase his and his party’s odds of success at the polls. In the contest of cynical striving versus earnest service, Mitch McConnell has already won.” -- Alec MacGillis, The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell.


Trump said United Auto Workers union dues are too high now that a major GM plant is closing on his watch.



AFT Local 1360

Melissa Miser, Working America regional director, outlined her organization's proposed election year program for Kentucky at Wednesday's quarterly meeting of the state AFL-CIO Executive Board in Frankfort.

The program would "focus on electing the state AFL-CIO-endorsed candidate for governor" while "working with partners to identify other down-ballot, statewide priorities."


Shortly after Democrat Adam Edelen announced he was running for governor with Louisville businessman Gill Holland as his running mate for lieutenant governor, Edelen’s campaign said Holland would not be releasing his tax returns.

The statement sparked criticism — Democrats have railed against Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s refusal to release his taxes — but the campaign stood firm.


Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

The General Assembly adjourned for the veto period without providing relief from soon-to-spike pension costs to quasi-governmental organizations like regional universities and community mental health centers. The legislature can still prevent an unaffordable increase on the session’s final day — March 28 — but must reject attempts to attach harmful pension changes that would set Kentucky back.

Governor Matt Bevin made international news yesterday when he shared in a radio interview that he had bypassed having his children vaccinated for chicken pox, and instead had intentionally gotten them infected with the disease by visiting a neighbor who was sick and contagious.