At a time when our commonwealth faces critical issues — chief among them a deadly opioid epidemic and growing meth crisis that have devastated countless lives — Kentucky needs an attorney general who has the experience, proven track record and knowledge to fight for our families and our commonwealth.

We need a chief prosecutor who has successfully battled in and out of the courtroom, confronted crime and corruption and advocated for Kentucky residents.

To me, a public servant has a simple definition: see a wrong, right it.

Want a specific example of that when it comes to Kentucky's attorney general? Because I've got a big one.

Back when I served as your attorney general for the first time, I discovered that victims of rape and sexual assault were required to pay for their own STD testing.

A heinous crime has happened. And when survivors had the courage to come forward, Kentucky law told them that our compassion only runs so deep.

I’ll never stop fighting for hope and opportunity all over Kentucky. That’s why I’m working as hard as I can to elect Andy Beshear our next governor.

The election is just 11 days away. This race is so close, and it’s going to take all of us giving it everything we’ve got to score a huge win. Will you chip in $25?

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LEXINGTON, KY, October 25, 2019—While Daniel Cameron continues running his false, racist attack ads, filled with lie after lie to hide the fact he has never prosecuted a case or defended a client in court, Greg Stumbo launched his third ad today, titled “Shelby.” In the ad, a mother and her daughter, Shelby take center stage making a case for why medical marijuana is a vital issue to so many. Shelby and her mother are just two of many Kentuckians across this state that would benefit from medical marijuana in ways that are life changing.


Frankfort, Ky. - The Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial Board endorsed Andy Beshear for governor today, saying he’s “both temperamentally and substantively ready for the Governor’s office and deserves your vote.” 


Matt Bevin has been governor of Kentucky for almost four years. We have watched him govern, we have heard his speeches and his answers to questions, and we have seen the policies he pushes. We have a good sense of what a governorship by Matt Bevin looks like, even as he asks us to vote for him again.

Having lived through Matt Bevin’s first term, we have four reasons he should not get a second one.

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It's a shame that in the United States of America today people have this coming out of their water taps!