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Sarah Jordan wants you to know her father’s name.

The American Bar Association had rated the new nominee, Judge Justin Walker, as unqualified, but he has strong conservative support


EDITOR'S NOTE: The AFL-CIO has not endorsed anybody for president this year.


First came the National Education Association. Then the United Food and Commercial Workers. The American Federation of Teachers came next, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees followed.


We are posting the updates from Governor Beshear as a service to our readers, along with the full video of the press conference. The bullets come from the KY Health News site, and the video is straight from Facebook. The summary includes both points from the Beshear press conference and news items related to those bullets.

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From Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders Spits Fire At GOP Senators For Holdup Over Unemployment Benefits

The Vermont senator dripped with sarcasm as he eviscerated Republicans for holding up the coronavirus relief package over unemployment benefits.

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TO:  State Federations, Area and Central Labor Councils

RE:  Coronavirus Relief Bill #3 Information & Union Member Video Stories

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Kentucky Building Trades Affiliates,

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has issued an executive order giving details of business closings and industries that can remain open. Those on the list that may remain open are in the Housing, Building and Construction Industries. This executive order mirrors the US Department of Homeland Security federal guidelines. Details of both links are attached.


With Senate Democrats and the White House about to forge an agreement on a coronavirus package, it's worth revisiting how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has wasted 10 critical days of Senate time—in the middle of a pandemic—playing a toxic, partisan game.