Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY — In a new statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader today, the Bevin administration is doubling down on their plan to gut paycheck protections for Kentucky’s miners, stating: 

A statement from the Kentucky Education Association President Eddie Campbell:

“Gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear and Lt. Governor candidate Jacqueline Coleman spoke directly to Kentucky educators today in Frankfort to discuss their educational priorities and commitment to investing in our public schools. They outlined their plan of action to stop the bullying and raise the pay of teachers.

Andy Beshear is slamming Matt Bevin’s false claim that his administration didn’t know about the paycheck protection law they failed to enforce that could have paid the Blackjewel miners -- even though his Labor Cabinet

Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY—On Tuesday, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Matt Bevin isn’t capable of ending the toxic GOP civil war he has created with his own lieutenant governor. According to the report, the decision now lies in the hands of Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd. 

The Louisville Courier Journal is reporting this morning that Republican State Senator Dan Seum is holding a “Bullied by Bevin” picnic: 

“Sen. Dan Seum says the picnic is a nonpartisan event in which any group that has felt personally insulted or bullied by the governor — including teachers, judges, journalists, retirees and union members — are welcome.” 

Thanks to Judy Tuggle for sending us this.


It’s Labor Day! You know, that holiday we’ve all forgotten has the word “labor” in it! Labor, as in the labor movement. Who knew! Labor Day is just a fun three day weekend at the end of the summer, am I right? Mind you, I’m not complaining. I love me a three-day weekend! But just what is the history of Labor Day?

Paducah's Labor Day parade always attracts a good crowd. The procession, which included several union floats, began on Broadway at Second Street and ended at Broadway and 17th Street. Ronnie Peck was grand marshal. Democrat Jacqueline Coleman, the state AFL-CIO-endorsed candidate for lieutenant governor, rode in the parade before heading to Labor Day festivities in Owensboro and Bowling Green.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My good friend and fellow Mayfieldian Judy Tuggle is not in a union. But organized labor has no better friend in Kentucky than this octogenarian activist. Her letter to the editor of the Mayfield Messenger is one of the best rebuttals of right to work for less we've ever seen. I had to write a reply," she said. "I was so outraged."