I’m sorry to report the passing of Brother Brad Whitledge, Business Representative of the IKORCC. Details of visitation are available here

Bill Finn

State Director

Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council

Donald Trump insists that the economy is booming and will continue to boom because of him. As usual, you could have a spirited debate over whether Trump is intentionally lying or just ignorant, or you could just decide it doesn’t matter since the outcome is the same: Trump’s brags and promises are lies and hot air. In contrast with Trump’s puffery, business economists are predicting a slowdown.

Today is the closing day of this year's General Assembly. The legislature can use this day to override any of Governor Bevin's vetoes, if they choose. They can also pass legislation, but since this is the last day, they have no recourse if the governor vetoes what they pass.

Some guides to what could happen today:

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A federal judge has once again struck down Gov. Matt Bevin’s tougher eligibility rules for people receiving health coverage through Kentucky’s Medicaid program. The new rules were set to take effect next Monday.


On March 22 the Mueller Report was released to Attorney General William Barr after nearly 2 years investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

News Flash: William Barr was the Attorney General during George H.W. Bush’s term who set the stage for the pardoning of the actors who were convicted in the Iran-Contra Affair during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Will Barr do it again?

From The Washington Post: Trump surprises Republicans — and pleases Democrats — with push to revive health-care battle



AFT Local 1360

Sen. Mitch McConnell has Trumpitis. 

The president can't resist tweet-slamming or trash-talking anybody who dares challenge him. That's Trumpitis. (Most politicians have the good sense not to diss their detractors personally, especially Fourth Estate critics.)

Anyway, Marshall Ward, a retired Murray school teacher, lit into the Senate majority leader in one of his Murray Ledger & Times columns. An unabashedly liberal Democrat, Ward relishes rattling local Republicans.


AFT Local 1360

The Kentucky Democratic Party wants to inoculate the state against its "diseased" governor.