On this day in 1955, the AFL and CIO gathered at our first joint convention. Sixty-four years later, the AFL-CIO has so much to be proud of.


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At least Gov. Bevin is consistent. 

Kentucky State AFL-CIO Executive Board Member Donna Haynes, IBEW Local 1701, presented state AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan a silver tray in appreciation for the state AFL-CIO helping sponsor las

Frankfort, KY — The following is a statement from Kentucky Democratic Party chair Ben Self on the Beshear/Coleman victory: 

Congratulations to Governor-elect Andy Beshear and Lieutenant Governor-elect Jacqueline Coleman on their hard-fought victory. Tonight voters sent a clear message: they’re ready to turn the page on four years of failed, divisive Republican governance and want to move forward with leadership that will deliver real solutions for all Kentuckians. 

The next governor of our commonwealth, Andy Beshear, is about to take the stage. 

But I wanted to reach out to you quickly before he does. Tonight, with your help, we accomplished big things. We took back our commonwealth from the special interests who have been pushing an anti-worker, anti-public education agenda. 

We proved that with hard work, a professional state Democratic Party, and a huge field program, Democrats can WIN in Kentucky. And we’re coming for Senator McConnell next. 

We are so proud of Class of 2019 alum, Sheri Donahue, for stepping up and having the courage to put her name on the ballot. 
Despite the results, we're beyond proud of the campaign she ran and can't wait to see what she does next!
Please join us in congratulating Sheri on a hard fought fight.
Huge congratulations to alum Jacqueline Coleman on her victory!
Please join us in congratulating her and thanking her for stepping up and putting her name on the ballot! She is the first Emerge KY alum to win statewide.
We are so proud of her campaign. A public school educator and Emerge alum, there is no doubt she is ready to serve the Commonwealth.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In his victory speech tonight, Gov.-elect Andy Beshear thanked "our union families that helped make this election happen." 

Thank you, Kentucky! This was a HUGE win for our teachers, first responders, social workers and every family whose bills keep going up while wages stay the same.

Election Day is finally here. Have you voted yet? We’re counting on you to get out and vote for candidates who support working people.

We’re supporting the candidate who will fight for good jobs, affordable health care and better wages. Andy Beshear will deliver for working people.

Polls are still open, so be sure to get out and vote before they close.

Find your polling place and see how late you can vote for Andy Beshear now: