During the last legislative session, educators across the state took action to defend public schools and Ke

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Frankfort, KY—After calling a special session that is costing Kentucky taxpayers $66,000 a day, Matt Bevin has been caught at a lavish political donor junket in Aspen, Colorado. 


Sticking to the script prepared by Republicans, a Senate committee Tuesday signed off on Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposal to provide incentives for regional universities, county health departments, and other quasi-governmental agencies to exit the state pension system.


FRANKFORT — Gov. Matt Bevin's approach to providing relief to regional universities, health departments and other "quasi-governmental agencies" from crushing pension costs passed a crucial test on Monday when members of the Kentucky House approved the plan 52-46.


Despite protests from Democratic members, the House State Government Committee on Saturday approved Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to offer financial relief to regional universities and quasi-governmental agencies facing huge pension costs on an 11-8 vote and sent it to the full House for its consideration.


Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this.

Dear legislators,

I am a public school teacher and this special session may not directly impact me, but I am invested in fighting for all public employee’s rights, pensions, health care, revenue, and funding of state programs, including public education. 


FRANKFORT — Attorney General Andy Beshear advised legislators Saturday that Gov. Matt Bevin's proclamation calling them into special session is illegally restrictive, and any bill they pass is at risk of being struck down by the courts.

Today, Attorney General Andy Beshear explained his concerns with the manner Matt Bevin called his special session. He also offered a simple solution of Bevin amending the proclamation. Instead of accepting this solution, Governor Bevin chose to lash out with his all too familiar “but your father” attack.