“Something is rotten in the State of Denmark” is one of the most famous lines from Shakespeare.

It’s in Hamlet. Marcellus, a guard at the Helsingor Palace, speaks the line to Horatio, Hamlet’s best bud.

Tim Morris of the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council is featured in a new video from The People's Campaign.

Click here to view the video,  which opens with Morris asking Kentuckians "to vote because we deserve better than Bevin."

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO COPE Committee has made three more endorsements for the Nov. 5 election:

-- Special Election – House District 18 – Grayson and Hardin Counties – Becky Miller Endorsed Candidate. November 5th 

-- Special Election – House District 63 – Boone and Kenton Counties – Josh Blair Endorsed Candidate 


Frankfort, KY — The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Matt Bevin to explain why a taxpayer-funded state jet was flown to New Mexico this weekend. 

According to public flight tracking, a state-owned jet flew from Kentucky to New Mexico for 90 minutes on Sunday before returning back to Kentucky.


Frankfort, KY — In case you missed it, this weekend Kentuckians who have been on the receiving end of Matt Bevin’s nasty insults and bullying came together for a ‘Bullied by Bevin’ picnic, hosted by Republican State Senator Dan Seum. 

A fund-raising reception for the Andy Beshear-Jacqueline Coleman ticket is set for 7:30 to 9 p.m. Monday at the Lloyd M. Hall Community Center, 150 S. Church St. in Salyersville.

Beshear, the outgoing attorney general, and Coleman, his running mate, are endorsed by the Kentucky State AFL-CIO. 

Special guests include Greg Stumbo, the state AFL-CIO-endorsed candidate for attorney general; and House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins, who has enjoyed union support in his House races.

"Terry Miller and the Dixie Bridge Band" will provide entertainment.

By BILL ESTEP and Will Wright

Miners who blocked a railroad shipment of coal in Harlan County because they hadn’t been paid by a bankrupt coal company have ended the high-profile protest.

The number of people blocking the tracks at Cumberland had dwindled as miners laid off from the coal company, Blackjewel, took other jobs to support their families, said Cumberland Mayor Charles Raleigh.

“The miners have stayed as long as they can,” said Raleigh, whose son and brother worked for Blackjewel.