AFT Local 1360

If candidate endorsements were like baseball batting averages, the Kentucky State AFL-CIO would be leading the big leagues and heading for the Hall of Fame.

Ten House candidates endorsed by the state COPE Committee won and five lost in Tuesday's primary. We were one-for-two in the Senate. That’s .647, or .283 better than Boston Red Sox slugger Mookie Betts, tops in the majors this season, so far.

The ninth annual union golf scramble to benefit Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is set for June 11 at Woodhaven Country Club in Louisville.

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, seventeen labor organizations cosigned a letter that was sent to every Senate office urging Senators to vote against S. 2372 – the VA MISSION Act. The bill passed in the House last week and will be voted on in the Senate sometime in the next 24 hours.

EDITOR'S NOTE: AFGE is urging its members and concerned citizens to call their senators and tell them to vote ‘NO’ on the VA Mission Act. The number is 833-480-1637. The Senate is likely to vote tomorrow or Wednesday on the bill.


AFT Local 1360

In 1906, American Federation of Labor President Samuel Gompers urged union members to “reward the friends and punish the enemies of labor.” 

He meant at the polls. 

We have several friends running for the General Assembly this year. We also have family--a quartet of union members and a pair of labor attorneys.


AFT Local 1360

Jeff Wiggins reminded everybody that Gov. Matt Bevin said teachers who rallied in Frankfort against Republican legislation to cut public pensions had a “thug mentality.”

“The teachers said ‘thug’ meant ‘teachers helping union guys,” said Wiggins, the Kentucky State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer who was one of 16 speakers at Saturday’s “Public Education Rally" in Paducah.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO's COPE Committee voted "no recommendation" in the Gray-McGrath-Thomas primary matchup. Thus, affiliated unions can support the candidate of their choice. The COPE Committee will meet again on June 13 to make endorsements for the Nov. 6 general election. 


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