From the Beshear-Coleman campaign: it's a lot to withstand

We've been outspent in a big way. Matt Bevin is a self-funder who can dump in millions of his personal fortune whenever he wants. Just before the last major reporting deadline earlier this month, he gave himself $900,000:

Matt Bevin gave himself $900,000.

On top of his own fortune, he has a lot of out-of-state dark money backers who have poured huge amounts of money into this race.

But despite all this big money behind Bevin, Andy continues to lead. This race is rated as a "toss-up" by national prognosticators. We're considered the number one pick-up opportunity for Democrats this election cycle, and Matt Bevin is the most unpopular governor in the entire country.

We just need to make sure that we have the resources we need in this final stretch. Will you donate now?

We've always known this would be hard, but the stakes are too high not to give it everything we have. Matt Bevin has tried to strip health care away from thousands of Kentuckians, attacked public education and tried to illegally cut the pensions of teachers, social workers and first responders. We need to win this race.

We've had millions spent against Andy. It's a lot to withstand, but because of our grassroots supporters, we're putting up a strong fight. Join us and chip in right now.

Eric Hyers, Campaign Manager