From Data for Progress: How to help striking John Deere workers

#Striketober is here. Around the country, workers who have kept our country running through the pandemic while their bosses raked in billions are standing up for their rights, demanding better pay and safer working conditions.

Our friends at More Perfect Union are leading a coalition effort to show support for the 10,000 striking John Deere workers―can you sign on to show support?  

Our polling has shown that voters support workers using their voices to rebalance the American economy, which is tilted heavily against workers. Whether it’s Amazon’s union vote or passing the PRO Act, voters are on the side of working people!

In 2020, John Deere’s CEO, John May received a 160% salary increase in the same year the company netted $2.75 billion in profit. This year, Deere is expected to make between $5.7 and $5.9 billion in revenue after increasing prices by 8%. But that profit isn’t being shared with John Deere workers. That’s why they’re on strike.

Show that you stand with workers and sign on to support John Deere workers today!

In solidarity,

Data for Progress team

P.S. If you can, the United Auto Workers are accept accepting donations to the John Deere strike fund here. Strike funds provide food and supplies that help workers stand strong against corporations!