Forward Kentucky: If elected governor, Daniel Cameron will do even more damage to open government


While there is no Kentucky Attorney General who is — or was — deserving of consistently high grades for dispassionately interpreting the Commonwealth’s open government laws, the current Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, has distinguished himself with consistently failing grades.

The statutorily assigned duty to adjudicate open records and open meetings disputes is not one that any Attorney General eagerly embraces. Resolution of these disputes in favor of the public’s right to know inevitably places the AG in local officials’ crosshairs. Stepping on the toes of law enforcement officials — whose track record for compliance with state open government laws is nothing short of abysmal — inevitably causes the Commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer severe heartburn.

It’s a thankless job. But  someone must do it, and the General Assembly has assigned the role of open records and open meetings dispute mediator to the Attorney General.

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