I practiced what I've been preaching


AFT Local 1360

I just practiced what I've been preaching lo these many days on the website

I voted.

My ballot picks included our three union-endorsed Graves County candidates:

Democrat Paul Walker for Congress

Democrat Charlotte Goddard for state representative

Independent Jesse Perry for reelection as county judge-executive (Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council-endorsed).

Before heading to the polls, I continued my old custom. I again unfurled my reproduction 36-star Union Civil War flag, the flag of "Lincoln and Liberty." (Lincoln, a Kentucky native, supported the Union of the states and workers, declaring that "labor is the superior of capital.")

I was cheered by the longer-than-usual line at my polling place, which I hope is typical statewide.

I don't know about the rest of the state. But the weather is sunny and warm here in westernmost Kentucky. 

Rain or shine, vote like your union and your livelihood depend on it because they do.

Click here to see the list of our state AFL-CIO endorsed candidates.

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