From the McGrath campaign: All hands on deck apparently doesn’t apply to Mitch

This is infuriating.

With coronavirus cases back on the rise and over 1 million Kentuckians filing for unemployment, Mitch McConnell just adjourned the Senate for another two-week recess—without taking any further action to respond to this crisis.

When people ask him if he’s going to do anything to provide relief to Kentucky, Mitch says he’s “looking into it” (after having said he’d prefer to see the state go bankrupt). At moments like these, we need leaders who take action—but Mitch is twiddling his thumbs. When it’s all hands on deck and we need leadership the most, he’s behaving like my kids do when they don’t want to do their homework.

Keep in mind that Mitch has introduced no new legislation in months to address the crisis, while ignoring a bill the House passed weeks ago that would both invest in public health and provide economic relief for those who need it desperately. Instead, in the middle of a recession, he says he doesn’t want to give a “bonus” to people who can’t go back to work.

Now, he’s on vacation. Again.

For 35 years, we’ve known that if you aren’t one of Mitch’s special-interest friends, you simply aren’t a priority. It has to stop, Berry.

When leaders turn their backs on the people they represent, it’s our duty as citizens to do our best to replace them. If you can, chip in today, and let’s make sure Mitch never gets the chance to fail us like this again.

Thanks—let’s go win,