The Misadventures Of Moscow Mitch: MMRC: My Vote, My Voice. What say you, Mitch?


Mitch McConnell Retirement Committee

Who’s heard this? Your vote is your voice. From voter registration drives to high school classrooms, Americans are urged to use their voice at the polls.

If my vote is my voice, does this mean that Mitch doesn’t want to hear my voice? What about the voices in the Black and Brown communities or the elders among us? And if we are ever to realize that government “of, by and for the people,” shouldn’t we hear “The People’s” voices? I posit that Mitch would say no..

We’re talking about Mitch McConnell, so of course, there is never a drought of info available on any such issue. In this case, we’re talking about two related issues: The first being the ability or ease for people to actually vote and the second being the integrity of elections themselves.

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