Owensby campaign: Congressional Nominee Embarking on “For the People” Bus Tour

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Owensby for Congress from the Fourth District.

Kentucky’s 4th District Congressional Nominee Dr. Alexandra Owensby is taking her challenge to defeat Thomas Massie on the road. Owensby, a Moderate Democrat, will travel the western side of the district on Monday September 14th, before embarking on a tour of the eastern counties in late September.

The tour begins at Covington’s Devou Park at 9:00 AM, makes a Louisville stop at Noon, followed by Owenton at 2:15 PM and New Castle at 4:00 PM. Owensby will end the day with a Socially Distanced Meet and Greet Fundraiser, hosted by Seth Hall in La Grange at 6:00 PM.

Dr. Owensby had this to say when announcing the tour: “As a mother, as a Doctor and as a Human I struggle to find the words to accurately describe the level to which my opponent has stooped. His tenure can only be described as ineffective and embarrassing to Kentuckians. I am excited to begin this tour, so that I can listen to and focus on what the people of Kentucky expect from their elected officials. For too long, this district has been without true representation for all political parties and it is my goal to return the power of governing and legislating to the citizens of Kentucky. I look forward to meeting as many Kentuckians as possible, in a safe and socially distanced setting as we go forward.”

Owensby’s opponent, known for his incendiary comments about AR-15 Rifles being kept on his boat for, “Refugee Insurance” voted against the Anti-Lynching Bill, which would make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime. He defended his actions by inserting the words “Free Speech” in his comments, vigorously challenging Congress to maintain lynching as a state-level offense.

Dr. Owensby continued, “While some are happy to throw fuel on the fire of hate, racism and murder - I am working each day to bring responsible, compassionate leadership to Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District. We must come together as a nation, bridge our divides, finally realizing what unites us is much more important than what divides us. In doing so, we must elect leaders who share a positive vision for America. We must elect Representatives who will listen to and defend all Americans, not just their own party members. We must elect leaders who honestly believe that all men and women are created equal. We must remove self-proclaimed authoritarians who insult the promise of America and those who came before us. The most powerful and effective way to make that goal a reality, is to Vote.”