Kentucky Democratic Party

Though the 30-day short legislative session is winding down, a one-year budget must still be passed.


Republicans are apparently so worried about the race for attorney general that they have gone further into the gutter with their attacks – including sending a slime piece to a candidate’s wife.

Karen Stumbo, the wife of Dem candidate Greg Stumbo, received this piece in the past few days. It was mailed directly to their home address.

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CANVASS SET FOR Saturday 10:00 AM, STARTING AT THE Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council HALL, 1202 S. 4th Street

This is it. Election Day is next Tuesday. Our families have so much riding on this election. Make no mistake, this election will impact every working family, including yours.

Election Day is just a week from today. Click to watch a short video in which Bill Finn, state director of the Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council, explains why voting is crucial to your family, your job and your union. 

Ahead of tonight's debate, Andy Beshear is calling out Matt Bevin in a new social media video for trying to falsely claim during Saturday's debate that he's never called teachers names. The video also features recordings of Matt Bevin insulting teachers. 


Frankfort, KY — At the third governor’s debate on Saturday night, Matt Bevin delivered a disastrous performance and was repeatedly caught in lies, before storming out of the debate and refusing to take questions from reporters.

At a time when our commonwealth faces critical issues — chief among them a deadly opioid epidemic and growing meth crisis that have devastated countless lives — Kentucky needs an attorney general who has the experience, proven track record and knowledge to fight for our families and our commonwealth.

We need a chief prosecutor who has successfully battled in and out of the courtroom, confronted crime and corruption and advocated for Kentucky residents.

To me, a public servant has a simple definition: see a wrong, right it.

Want a specific example of that when it comes to Kentucky's attorney general? Because I've got a big one.

Back when I served as your attorney general for the first time, I discovered that victims of rape and sexual assault were required to pay for their own STD testing.

A heinous crime has happened. And when survivors had the courage to come forward, Kentucky law told them that our compassion only runs so deep.