Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin showed up at Adventureland Park in Altoona, Iowa, on Nov. 19, 2016, with four bottles of Maker’s Mark bourbon.

The bourbon was a present for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s 70th birthday bash. In tow were three of Bevin’s children, chief of staff Blake Brickman, and operations director John Hodgson. They ate beef and pork barbecue sandwiches, baked beans, cornbread and chocolate cupcakes decorated with phony mustaches.

When Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigned, we hoped the Trump administration would look for a replacement who respects working people and fights for our interests.

Please see below for a response to the false TV ad that Matt Bevin, the least popular governor in America, released today. 

The Kentucky State Board of Elections Improperly Classified More than 150,000 Kentucky Voters as “Inactive” in Violation of State Law


By Bill Londrigan, President Kentucky State AFL-CIO

St James Church, Louisville, KY

From Bill Londrigan: It is my sad duty to once again inform you of the passing of another friend and great trade unionist Brother Bruce Wimsatt who served on the Kentucky State AFL-CIO Executive Board and was a 44 year member of UA Local 633 and Business Manager for 15-years.  Check out his obituary below for Brother Wimsatt’s long career representing his members, the building trades, workers and community.  In Solidarity, Bill