Polling results released today by the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) show Andy Beshear, Greg Stumbo, and Heather French Henry leading in their respective statewide races.

From the Kentucky Democratic Party

After a judge raised serious questions yesterday about Matt Bevin’s administration’s ruling that over 1,000 Kentucky teachers broke the law, the toxic GOP civil war that the governor started with his own lieutenant governor dominated the news across Kentucky.  

During the last legislative session, educators across the state took action to defend public schools and Kentucky public school students. During his term as governor, Bevin has taken every opportunity to vilify and persecute educators for their advocacy and activism. He called educators thugs and accused them of being responsible for shootings, drug use and sexual assault of children.

“By Tuesday, July 30, the New York Times reported that McConnell was enraged by the nickname, and on Wednesday, July 31, the KDP started taking orders for its merch.”

Kentucky Democratic Party 

Andy Beshear took to social media to weigh in on Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton's lawsuit against Governor Matt Bevin, tweeting

"Matt Bevin is already the most unpopular governor in the country. Now, he has the additional distinction of being the only one to be sued by his own hand-picked lieutenant governor."

From Bill Londrigan, Kentucky State AFL-CIO president:


Below is a link detailing this Friday’s WFPL Radio program in Louisville about unions, worker safety and "right to work" at 11 a.m. to noon (EDT). I will be on along with several other guests.  Those who are available can call in with questions or comments at 502-814-TALK. 

In Solidarity, Bill.