On this day in 1955, the AFL and CIO gathered at our first joint convention. Sixty-four years later, the AFL-CIO has so much to be proud of.


AFT Local 1360

At least Gov. Bevin is consistent. 


In a press conference that we streamed live on our Facebook page, Governor-Elect Andy Beshear announced the head of his transition team, and named three priorities he will act on as soon as he is sworn in.

To all my supporters,

While Election Day did not bring us the victory we hoped for, I am grateful for the huge amount of support you all have given me through these past months. Seeing old friends and making new ones, and listening to the issues that Kentuckians were most passionate about has been a highlight of this campaign.

At the Trump Rally in Rupp Arena on Monday night, President Trump said of Gov. Matt Bevin, “he’s such a pain in the ass." Last night, Kentucky voters agreed and elected Andy Beshear instead.


AFT Local 1360

In his victory speech Tuesday night, Gov.-elect Andy Beshear thanked "our union families that helped make this election happen." 

"Andy and Jacqueline are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support we received from our brothers and sisters in the labor movement," said Beshear-Coleman campaign spokesperson Sam Newton. "They were out on the doors, they were making phone calls, they were talking to their members."

By SemDem

Turns out, Kentucky voters weren’t swayed by Trump’s impassioned speech to come out and vote for his minion, Matt Bevin, just because it would personally help him out:

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We thank Holly Erwin of Graves County for emailing us a copy of this letter she sent to James Comer, the First District’s Trump-hugging, union-busting congressman.

Dear Congressman Comer:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Louisville-born Baltimorian Rev. John E. Roberts, an Atherton High grad, for emailing us this after Andy Beshear's victory last night. "The sun is shining a bit brighter today in our Old Kentucky Home!" he also emailed.