EDITOR'S NOTE: McGrath is the Kentucky State AFl-CIO endorsed candidate for the US Senate.

By AMY McGrath


AFT Local 1360

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately—especially by the media,” Donald Trump complained in his commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.” 

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t buy the president’s lament. “Hey, look, I think a lot of other leaders have taken worse press than this guy,” he said on his show.

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The voice of history, the subject I taught in a community college for two dozen years, could hardly be louder or clearer when it comes to unions and to worker safety and health laws.

We need them both.

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When Ariana Velasquez learned a pro-Nazi group planned to hold a rally in her hometown of Pikeville, Kentucky, she decided to take action. The white nationalist group cited Pike County’s mostly white population and overwhelming support for Donald Trump as perfect reasons for the location, but the hate group was in for a surprise.


AFT Local 1360

Doug Lowry says if you pack a union card, overcoming Kentucky’s new “right to work” law boils down to the basics.

“Pay your dues and get involved in your union.”

Lowry carries a Communications Workers of America card in his wallet. He’s on Louisville Local 3310’s legislative committee.

The GOP-majority General Assembly passed RTW in January. “There will come a day very quickly in Kentucky when people will make a choice,” said Lowry, who lives in the Falls City.

Thanks to Daniel Hurt for sending us a YouTube video of Kyle Henderson, business manager of Paducah Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 184, delivering opening remarks at the Democratic “Come Together, Fight Back” rally at Louisville’s Palace Theater April 18.


AFT Local 1360

A bumper sticker was John Coomes’ “teacher’s certificate” at Henderson County High School in Henderson, Ky., his hometown.

“It said ‘China is a Right-to-Work state since 1949,’” explained the Henderson-based Tri-County Labor Council president, who just finished a second day-long labor history presentation at HCHS, one of the largest schools in western Kentucky.

Coomes’ cup runneth over.


AFT Local 1360

Tamera Sanford is worried about more than Donald Trump’s taxes.

“I do not like what’s going on with North Korea,” she said. “I’ve got a 21-year-old son at the University of Louisville,  and I’m afraid he might be drafted.”

Sanford, from Florence, was among an estimated 400 people who showed up for Saturday’s Tax Day March rally at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza in downtown Louisville.


AFT Local 1360 

Derek Penwell looks like he might ride with Bikers for Trump.

He sports a gray-streaked beard and ponytail. His biceps are tattooed.

Penwell is a Disciples of Christ pastor in Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city. His theology hearkens to Walter Rauschenbusch who helped lead the old liberal and reformist Social Gospel movement.