EDITOR'S NOTE: Kudos to our new president for immediately sacking Peter Robb. We weren't surprised. Up and down the campaign trail, Joe Biden made it plain that he'd be in our corner.

By Forward Kentucky

Following the House’s passage yesterday of a bill to increase the COVID relief checks from $600 to $2,000, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer asked for an up-or-down vote in the Senate. However, Republican leader Mitch McConnell personally blocked the request. After that happened, Senator Bernie Sanders responded by blocking McConnell’s request for unanimous consent to override President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act.


Americans are not happy with Congress. In fact, the latest Gallup poll shows approval of Congress at a mere 15 percent — higher than the all-time low of 9 percent registered after congressional Republicans shut down the government in 2013, but lower than the recent high of 31 percent after the Cares Act was passed earlier this year.

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Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY —  As Congress is set to finally approve additional COVID-19 relief legislation, it’s clear that U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell plans to continue misinforming the public and taking credit for things he never did.


We are not off to a good start in the coverage of the Republican Party in the post-Trump era. Political pundits and reporters, especially those in the permanently aggrieved right-wing media, have seen fit to discuss at length Jill Biden’s use of her earned doctorate in her title. As is often the case, all they have done is give oxygen to a baseless spasm of misogyny.

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AFT Local 1360 

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of Paducah’s longest-serving elected city official and his community-activist wife of 48 years.

“Robert and Connie Coleman truly loved Paducah,” said J.W. Cleary, president of the Paducah-McCracken County NAACP, of which the Colemans were longtime members.

“It was a joint-type situation,” Cleary added. “They believed that to go forward we all have to work together, black and white.” 

The couple died ten days apart; she, first. Robert Coleman was 88; Connie Coleman, 83. 


AFT Local 1360

"Hunter" of Daily Kos isn't sure why the soon-to-be former president nixed a plan for top White House staffers to get the coronavirus vaccine pronto. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: We congratulate Teamsters Local 89 for the role its members played in this vital lifesaving mission and echo the sentiment in this post we copied from the local's Facebook page:

"When something important just has to get there on time, you turn to Teamster members to get the job done.

"Thank you to the hardworking and dedicated members of Teamsters Local 89 at UPS Worldport who are playing a huge part in making America healthy today.