Be safe, vote early


AFT Local 1360

We hear you.

You're fired up to vote, but you're worried about getting the coronavirus while standing in line at the polls, even if you're packing hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and socially-distancing yourself from other voters.

"Don't run the risk of waiting until Nov. 3 to vote," warns Liles Taylor, Kentucky State AFL-CIO legislative coordinator. 

That's good--even potentially lifesaving--advice. But you can still vote and protect yourself from the pandemic that has killed more than 220,700 Americans.

"Vote early," Taylor said.

Like mail-in absentee voting, early voting will minimize your risk of contracting the coronavirus.  

Election day is two weeks from Tuesday. "You can be quarantined for 2 weeks, even if you are just exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus," Taylor warned.

Tim Morris, executive director for the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, made the graphic to go with this story. Check it out; It hits the high points about early voting. But if you have more questions about where and when you can vote in your county, go to or contact your county clerk.

So be safe, be sure and vote early. "As soon as you can," Taylor said. 

And once again, click here to see a list of your Kentucky State AFL-CIO-endorsed candidates from Amy McGrath on down. Please vote accordingly, like your union job depends on it, which it does.