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Across the country, steelworkers at nine plants of Allegheny Technologies, Inc. have been on strike for the last 11 weeks.


AFT Local 1360

I'm thinking about my interview with United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts a half-dozen Labor Days ago.

In Paducah for the city's 2013 Labor Day parade and picnic, he said it was time for unions to take back two big issues the labor-haters had hijacked from our movement: “The Bible and patriotism.”


I am grateful for the impact unions have had on American life.  

America was changed because of unions. We have the forty-hour week, overtime, pensions, safety laws, vacations and workers' compensation due to their efforts.  It was mainly through their efforts that we got such a  large middle class.

I know union membership is one-third of what it was in the 50's (roughly 11 million down from the 33 million high).  

The longest economic recovery on record and a state unemployment rate of 4.3% sounds like a strong foundation for Kentuckians’ prosperity. But a close look at the numbers this Labor Day shows an economy where many Kentucky communities still lack jobs, especially the quality jobs families need to thrive.

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Bevin Tries to Duck Responsibility For Failing to Enforce Law That Protects Coal Miners With False Claim 

Kentucky Democratic Party

Bevin’s Excuse For Failing Coal Miners is False Claim that His Administration Didn’t Know About A Law That They Actively Tried to Eliminate 


Attendance at a campaign rally for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin that featured Donald Trump Jr. was so poor on Thursday afternoon that the few people there were asked to leave their seats and crowd around the stage.

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From the Beshear-Coleman campaign

Andy Beshear is taking to social media to weigh in on today's court ruling, which allows Matt Bevin to intervene to try and stop the Attorney General's ongoing fight to hold big drug companies accountable for the opioid crisis and rising drug prices: 

Kemtucky Democratic Party

United Mine Workers of America Official: “Governor Bevin and his administration made things worse by failing to enforce this vital protection for workers.”

From the Beshear-Coleman campaign

The UMWA is weighing in on the major news report from the Lexington Herald-Leader that: "Not a single coal company formed in Kentucky within the past five years has posted a bond required by state law to protect miner’s wages if their employer suddenly shuts down... In addition, officials in Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration urged lawmakers last year to pass a bill that would have eliminated the requirement."